Department of fixings and hardware tools is headed by TPK Stalex-Metiz LLC, which belongs to our group and was founded in 2007 year. We sell commodities both produced by us and produced by leading enterprises of Ukraine in extensive assortment. All commodities, which are sold by our company, answer to international DIN standards, they meet the requirements of the most demanding customers in the furniture, building, electrical and automobile industries. We have an experience in producing hardware tools and fixing according to individual demands of our clients, with different sizes and from different materials. Also we provide selling of commodities, which were not produced in Ukraine.

Individual direction of our activity is production of welded grids for building, roadway maintenance and fencing systems. We produce reinforcing grids, plastering grid, galvanized grid, expanded grid and modern fencing systems with different parameters and off different raw materials. Besides of production of standard grids we produce grids according to individual demands of client, with different sizes and from different materials.
Screws (self-forming, self-tapping, sheet metal, chipboard, wood);
Standard Plugs (nt/ntk, ntx/ntxk, ntk w, ntk/s, ntk hp/hs/hz);
Universal Plugs (utx, utx w, tuz, zumk, tuz w, zumk w);
Frame Plugs (adx, tdx, tdxs, tdxhp, asx, tsx, tsx, tsxhp);
Nail plugs (smxl, smxc, smgx, smtl, smtc, smtg);
Special applications fixings (tf, tx, tm, tgs, tug, tsb);
Drywall Plugs and Anchors (mhd, tt22, tnf, spa);
Ceiling Fixings (thm, tcd, tdn, taf, tik);
Steel Anchors (psr, slr, srtr, tsr, tp, tr);
Nails (gw, gwu, gm);
Bolts (s6k, s6p, s6pz, sim, szg, szs, s6k, smo, s, h6k-sb);
Washers (pz, pkd, pzp, pzw, pzz, pzs, pap, pmi, p, nl);
Nuts (n6k, n6l, n6s, nkz, nkw, nek, npa, nrk, nw2, nz6, nz4).
Approximate assortment of our commodities:

Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk
Тel: +38 (056) 375-33-63
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